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Hôtel La Méridienne

Dir. Garabit (sortie 30 A.75) 15100 Anglards de Saint Flour
  +33(0)4 71 23 40 53
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Recharge your batteries and draw energy from the volcanoes in the heart of authentic nature

By checking into the La Méridienne hotel, you stay in Anglards-de-Saint-Flour, at the foot of the Margeride, a few minutes from the impressive Garabit viaduct.

You are to the south of the Massif Central in the Cantal, an exceptional territory with preserved and generous nature. An authentic destination par excellence, the Cantal invites you to live unique experiences, discovering its grandiose landscapes, local traditions, its generous gastronomy and its rich and varied cultural heritage. With its imposing mountains, its extinct volcanoes, its wild lakes and rivers, it offers an ideal playground for lovers of climbing, hiking, mountain biking (with, among others, the Grande Traversée du Massif Central) or outdoor winter sports. Nature lovers will also find their satisfaction here, with the possibility of observing exceptional fauna and flora, protected in the numerous regional natural parks of the department.
The Cantal is also a land of history and heritage revealed by its numerous villages of character, castles, Romanesque churches as well as museums and archaeological sites, all witnesses of its prestigious past.

Labeled a Country of Art and History, Saint-Flour is a thousand-year-old city perched on a rocky outcrop. Along its picturesque streets, medieval fortifications and natural ramparts of volcanic origin, it reveals numerous historical treasures, including its Saint-Pierre cathedral, the consular house which houses the Alfred Douët Museum of Art and History, the vast Place d'Armes, the Governor's house and the Halle aux Bleds.?You will be won over by our magnificent region which we will be happy to help you discover.

image The Garabit Viaduct
Dicvover Cantal

The Garabit Viaduct

6 minutes away by car.

Doesn't this metal structure remind you of a must-see monument in France?
At 565 metres long, the viaduct towers 122 metres above the river.
At the time of its construction, it was the highest viaduct in the world. It was built by the eminent Gustave Eiffel in 1884, five years before the Universal Exhibition and the unveiling of the famous Eiffel Tower.
This architectural feat links north and south, from Paris to Béziers.
To enjoy the view of this unusual jagged architecture, the Margeride Ecomuseum at the tourist office in Ruynes-en-Margeride offers a guided tour of the history of the building.

image The Truyère Gorges, an extraordinary natural heritage
Dicvover Cantal

The Truyère Gorges, an extraordinary natural heritage

6 minutes away by car

You can discover a lush natural environment bordered by three large lakes: Garabit-Grandval and its viaduct; Lanau and Sarrans and their dams. These sites are classified as Natura 2000 areas and cover 21,602 hectares, preserving magnificent forest and rock birds of prey, the Peregrine Falcon and other rare bird species.
A wide range of activities are on offer, including kayaking, water skiing and horse riding.

image Saint-Pierre Cathedral
Dicvover Cantal

Saint-Pierre Cathedral

9 kilometres from the hotel.

At the heart of the charming little town of Saint-Flour, Saint-Pierre Cathedral stands on the town's Place d'Armes.
This emblematic monument may appear spartan at first glance. Nevertheless, you have to dare to push open the door of the building to realise its true value.
The cathedral's Gothic style was brought in over time, but there are some major pieces that make up its elegance.
There are murals, stained glass windows and the "Black God" in the nave. This dates back to the 12th century and has been a listed monument since 1908.

image Auvergne’s renowned chefs
Dicvover Cantal

Auvergne’s renowned chefs

Starred chefs, Bibs Gourmands, renowned chefs or young talents, the 50 or so cooks who make up the Toques d’Auvergne association des Toques d'Auvergne are working to raise the profile of Auvergne through its gastronomy and art of living.
These are restaurateurs who compete in ingenuity to bring simple, authentic products up to date in a climate of sharing and fraternity. That's the spirit of Toques d'Auvergne!
The Toques d'Auvergne association aims to share the passion of its members. The chefs who make up the association work on a daily basis, revising (each in their own way) traditional Auvergne recipes, but also innovating.

image Where to ski in the Cantal ?
Dicvover Cantal

Where to ski in the Cantal ?

Ski resorts near Logis Hôtel La Méridienne :

Le Lioran station
46 km from the hotel

Domaine Nordique Prat de Bouc / Le Ché resort
40 km from the hotel

Saint-Urcize station
65 km from the hotel

image The Pas de Cère Gorges
Dicvover Cantal

The Pas de Cère Gorges

Located in the heart of the Cantal, the Gorges du Pas de Cère are a place not to be missed for all hiking enthusiasts !
Forged over 20,000 years ago, this exceptional natural site boasts impressive scenery: 30-metre-high cliffs, the river La Cère, waterfalls and forest... Its beauty has earned it Natura 2000 status: a network of natural sites within the European Union that are home to exceptional flora and fauna.
It's the ideal place to get away from it all and enjoy a green holiday in the Cantal !

image Where to hike in the Cantal ?
Dicvover Cantal

Where to hike in the Cantal ?

Hiking trails near the hotel
GR® 400 from Prat de Bouc
30 minutes from the hotel
Distance: 8.8km

Téton de Vénus - Puy Griou

30 minutes from the hotel
Distance from the hotel: 15km

Cascade des Vergnes circuit
30-minute drive from the hotel
Distance from the hotel: 9.3km

image Thrilling stay in Auvergne
Dicvover Cantal

Thrilling stay in Auvergne

Margeride Aventure
5 minutes from our hotel
Truyère Escape
30 minutes from our hotel
40 minutes from our hotel
Tonic Aventure
50 minutes from our hotel

image The Cantal Mountains
Dicvover Cantal

The Cantal Mountains

Le Puy Mary – 1783 meters above sea level

Le Plomb du Cantal – 1855 meters above sea level

Le Puy de Peyre-Arse – 1806 meters above sea level

Le Puy Chavaroche – 1739 meters above sea level

Puy Griou – 1690 meters above sea level

Puy de Seycheuse – 1650 meters above sea level

The GR400

Rencontre Gourmande avec Loic Ballet

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Saint Flour

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